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Student Housing

We are proud to support students in their academic pursuits! Our student apartments are well equipped with everything you will need to focus on your studies. 

Select one of the cities below to view our properties.

San Francisco
Los Angeles

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10940 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 600

Los Angeles, CA 90024


A Home Where You Need It!

The college experience involves more than just attending classes and studying, and there’s a lot to do in sunny California. Furnished apartments are the best way to live while going to school, since there’s never any need to hiring a moving company. You can live and travel lightly because you don’t know where your degree and career will take you. There is also no need to settle for used or cheap furniture - you can live the California dream in style with Rexidence!

Our college apartments have Wifi ready to use when you arrive, so there’s no sign-ups or scheduling needed to connect internet service. Just wirelessly connect to our network and you’re ready to go. Our off campus student housing provides all the luxuries and conveniences of living on your own, without the hassle of picking furniture and moving it around. On your first day in town, you can immediately start finding your way around and make connections without wasting time getting your belongings arranged in student housing.


All of our student housing options include a kitchen that’s ready for you to cook in on your first day. All the pots, pans, dishes and glasses you need are already waiting in the cabinets for you to use. There’s no need to bring your bed sheets, either. Your bed is made and ready to sleep in as soon as you arrive.

Orange County

When you’re ready a to find a fully furnished apartment to rent, we have three exciting locations to choose from for student apartments. Orange County is home to Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios and Rodeo Drive. Aside from the big attractions, there are lots of places to shop and eat between classes and study sessions. 


San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay area is where you’ll find the largest tech companies of silicon valley - from Apple to Google to Facebook. It’s also the most likely place where the next big tech companies are just getting started. San Francisco is commonly featured in blockbuster movies and has world-class eateries and shopping, too. It can get a little foggy in the morning, which may be a good time to do some homework before the views and entertainment start to distract you.


Los Angeles

We also have a number of affordable student housing options available in Los Angeles. Our apartments for college students put you close to the fun, where you have the opportunity to watch an LA Lakers basketball game or visit museums like the Getty Center. It’s also not far to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and other sightseeing attractions.

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